Welcome to Wildbachgut SPA

Treat yourself to some hours of peace and rest in our exclusive haven of well-being. In the Wildbachgut SPA, a spa zone with sauna, hamam, solarium and an exclusive quiet room awaits you. Recharge in complete privacy, far away from all the hustle and bustle of the outside world.

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Pleasant, soothing warmth coupled with a relaxing humidity combine to produce a unique feeling of purity and cleanliness: this is something which you can only experience in a sauna and you can can sense, smell, feel and experience it alone or with good friends. The sauna never fails to provide genuine pleasure that, once experienced, you won’t want to do without.

The cares and inconveniences of daily life are more easily forgotten and overcome because the sauna strengthens and calms the nerves and boosts the body’s resistance to bacterial infection. Alternating heat and cold relax and relieve muscle tension. Cooling down after the heat of the sauna in an experience shower or with water splashed from a bucket greatly stimulates the circulation.

Sauna rules
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A hamam is a steambath and it’s a byword for relaxation, well-being and cleanliness. In the hamam you can shut out everyday life, unwind and enjoy the ritual of purification.

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For a perfect tan

The user can decide for him or herself how long he or she spends in the solarium. Please act responsibly: consider your skin and take care. After use, the glass surface of the lounger should be cleaned by the user with the paper and the disinfectant provided.

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Quiet room

Relaxing between the parts of the spa is just as important as the whole stay in the spa zone. The quiet room is a haven for the senses: soft music enhances this ultimate luxury: immerse yourself in it. Relax on the heated waterbeds and the loungers.

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