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Treat yourself to a pleasant and relaxing massage. They are practiced worldwide by massage therapists. physiotherapits and doctors and have always been among the best known cures. Ideal if you like to be pampered from head to toe. In cooperation with we offer this special experience directly in Wildbach SPA.

Book your massage at least 24 hours in advance with the Concierge. After reconfirming the appointment, you will receive a confirmation by email.

The most popular massages are:

Wildbachgut Massage Koerper Teaser

Full body massage

The classical massage is the most well-known and by far the most widespread massage technique in the western world. As a classical natural healing treatment, its uses range from general relaxation to specific treatments for many physical ailments.

A classical massage relaxes, it loosens and stretches the muscular tissue, it relieves pain, it promotes regeneration. In addition, it can be regarded as passive exercise therapy and has a very significant prophylactic effect.

Full body massage, 60 Min., CHF 180

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Wildbachgut Massage Fuesse Teaser

Foot reflexology massage

Many points on the feet relate in a special way to particular parts of the body and its organs. For a long time, little attention was paid to feet but the practitioners of the healing arts above all have shown that therapeutic intervention on this part of the body has a positive effect.

The effect of reflexology massage is brought about by the energising of the body which is conducive to the removal of energy blockages and can have either a soothing or a stimulating effect on the body.

Foot reflexology massage, 60 Min., CHF 140

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