General Information


The Wildbachgut SPA is only for the use of Ledermann Immobilien AG’s selected tenants. A feeling of relaxtion, release, switching off and replenishing can be expected.

Availability and Operation

The Wildbachgut SPA is completely automatically controlled. You can gain entry to the spa zone with your entry code (available from the concierge).

All areas of the spa zone are ready for use at the time you have reserved. When your time is up, the facilities will be automatically switched off although the lighting will remain on for a further 30 minutes. Thereafter, the lighting will be reduced to minimal emergency lighting. We would like to point out that the sauna and steam bath are ready for you at the time you have reserved and the automatic timing control cannot be re-scheduled in case of a late arrival.

The Wildbachgut SPA has an alarm system in both the sauna and in the steambath. In the absence of the concierge, the alarm will be redirected to the on-call service of Certas AG who will immediately contact you by telephone. If this call is not answered, the alarm will be sent to a Securitas guard who will check the facility within 30 minutes. A false alarm will be billed to the person responsible for activating the alarm. In an emergency, a guest can telephone the police or the ambulance service directly. The telephone is only for emergencies and only the stored emergency numbers can be called.

Rules of conduct

The Wildbachgut SPA is a spa zone and not a party room. Children are only admitted to the SPA when accompanied by their parents.

We ask all users to have appropriate consideration for the other residents and to have regard to the cleanliness of the facilities.


The facilities will be cleaned after every use. Extra cleaning required by excessive mess will be billed to the tenant. Please place the SPA towels provided for your use in the laundry baskets which are to be found in the wet room. Missing towels will be billed to the user at the rate of CHF 50.00.


Charges for the use of the spa zone will be billed to you once a month. You will receive an appropriate invoice from Ledermann Immobilien AG.

Ledermann Immobilien AG expressly reserves the right to refuse hire without having to provide reasons. Furthermore, the owners also expressly reserve the right to change the function of the spa zone or to adjust the charges for its use. The Wildbachgut SPA is not, and will not become, any part of the tenancy agreement and therefore the tenant derives no rights from the agreement with regard to the use of the spa.

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